Koala Mini

Australia is in the grip of a nationwide bushfire emergency. We want to help them save the wildlife, and protect and restore their native bushland.

Across the country, over 10 million hectares of Australian land has been burned to the ground. Over 1 billion animals have lost their lives so far, including thousands of koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, birds and other wildlife.

Pablo is launching this new Koala mini to help raise awareness and support organizations that are caring for the injured wildlife and restoring their homes. For each Koala mini sold, we will be donating $0.25 to WWF (Word Wild Fund for nature) in support of the Koala Crisis.

The Koala mini  features the Koala March cookie, which supports and donates to the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) conservation group since its 10th anniversary in 1994.

For more information to help, please visit the following:


http://koalasmarch-usa.com/save-the-koala/ [Event will start from Jan 20,2020 to March 31,2020] [Donation will be made at the end of each month]

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