Luxury Party Combo - Pablo Cheese Tart

Luxury Party Combo

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Serving for 10+ people

Combo includes:

*Four boxes of minis ( 6 Pieces Per Box) 

*Two Original Freshly Baked Cheese Tart

*One Premium Cheese Tart  


Customized your own boxes of 24 Pablo Mini.

Simply add the product to the cart, in the add to the cart page.

Type your choices on the "Special instructions for seller" Comment box.

Choices for the box- 

1) Original 

2) Matcha

3) Chocolate 

4) White Chocolate Raspberry 

5) Mango 


7) Blueberry 

8) Roasted Marshmallow Almond Chocolate

9) Apple Cinnamon 

10) Strawberry Daifuku 

11) Tiramisu


Individual Mini Size: 

Size- 2" 

Height- 1" 


Freshly Baked Cheese Tart Size: 

Size- 6" 

Height- 2" 


Premium Cheese Tart Size: 

Size- 6" 

Height- 2" 


* Contain dairy and gluten.